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    Animal / Universal Nutrition Cuts Non-Stim - 42 Scoops (Limit 12)

    Animal Cuts NS is the caffeine-free, non-stimulant, powder version of our award-winning fat burning and shredding supplement with 17 fat burning ingredients to boost your metabolism, suppress appetite, help define muscles, support brain health, and support with weight management. This an all-in-one thermogenic fat burner is formulated for men and women who want to naturally shed excess fat and water weight.

    • Comprehensive fat burning formula with Nootropics
    • Supports fat loss, appetite suppression, sustained energy, and enhanced focus
    • Available with or without stimulants in pill packs and great-tasting powders

    Animal Cuts isn’t just a fat burner, lipolytic, diuretic, or metabolic; it’s all four in
    a delicious tasting powder containing research-backed ingredients that assists in burning fat for both men and women. An award-winning supplement, mix Animal Cuts NS powder with your beverage of choice for a potent thermogenic fat burner that can help boost the body’s natural ability to burn stored body fat while promoting lean mass without the added caffeine.