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Animal / Universal Nutrition Ultra Mass, 18.6lbs Best By July 2020

A blend of different sources of protein - Fructose-free 90g of Protein in One Serving Of 433g Fulfills 100% of your daily protein requirement with an ultra-potent blend of whey protein concentrate, soy protein isolate, calcium casein and egg albumin that pumps-up your muscles with 4500 nutritionally-dense calories.

Universal Ultra Mass 4500 provides you with only high quality calories that help you build muscle mass that is toned and strong. You also need fiber and complex carbohydrates to gain instant energy during your workouts. Universal Ultra Mass 4500 has medium chain triglycerides or MCTs which are essential fats, that help you to uphold lean body mass.

Features And Benefits


  • An ideal blend of fast-absorbed and slow-absorbed proteins
  • Keeps your muscles in an anabolic state, be it during or after your workout.
  • Zero fructose ensures that you gain healthier lean muscle mass without the unwanted fat
  • Fortified with complex carbs that replenish your glycogen stores, Universal Ultra Mass also has insulin for easy digestion.
2 x 9.3lbs

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