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Beast Sports Nutrition Aminolytes, 30 Servings

Train Harder, Recover Faster!

  • Packed with Essential Amino Acids
  • Replenishes Electrolytes
  • Aids Muscle Recovery
  • Quick Dissolving Formula 

Beast Sports Nutrition Aminolytes is the perfect blend of essential amino acids, branched chained amino acids, and electrolytes to help people train harder and recover faster. This amino acid powder is formulated with the highest-quality ingredients and helps to increase muscle endurance, accelerate muscle recovery and repair, and maximize muscle growth. The addition of electrolytes helps to replenish your body to maintain a positive balance of fluids.* When you combine the ingredients, you’ll quickly discover how Aminolytes fuels your body to train harder and recover faster.

Amino acids are the basic building blocks of muscles throughout the human body. Essential amino acids (EAAs) are necessary in our diets to rebuild and repair muscle tissue. However, EAAs are not naturally produced in the body. They also help to maintain energy levels, promote a healthy metabolism, control weight gain, and other important functions. Aminolytes delivers 10 grams of total amino acids, including 5 grams of EAAs and 5 grams of BCAAs, which help you train harder and longer and help your body recover faster. When used during and after a workout, this perfect blend of ingredients can increase muscle endurance and accelerate muscle recovery and repair while helping to maximize muscle growth.

Aminolytes is designed to help all athletes, professional or amateur, to get big, strong, fit, and healthy. Available in our great-tasting Pineapple or Watermelon flavors, Aminolytes is a quick-dissolving formula that mixes with water. As a dietary supplement, it is recommended to mix one (1) level scoop with 12-14 fl. oz. of water. It may be used during workouts and for post-workout recovery.

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