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MyProtein Impact Protein Blend, Cookies & Cream, 2.2lbs

Get the best of both worlds with the latest addition to our leading range of protein powders, consisting of a unique blend of our bestsellers – Impact Whey and Impact Whey Isolate.

Our new and improved formula boasts an impressive 21g of protein per 30g serving. Plus, it’s got lower fat than ever before, and only 1.6g of sugar per serving!

Why choose Impact Whey Blend?

Its high protein content per 30g serving provides high levels of essential amino acids and branch chain amino acids, which are particularly important for growth, repair and maintenance of muscle mass – ideal for supporting all kinds of fitness goals.

Plus, we’ve worked long and hard to make sure our flavors tantalize your taste buds – offering you a range of delicious options with something to suit everyone.

Who’s it suitable for?

From gym-goers and bodybuilders, to simply anyone with an active lifestyle, it’s perfect for increasing protein intake in your diet to help with that all-important muscle growth and repair.

So whether building muscle or getting lean, our blend is the perfect pick for you.

When to use?

Anytime of the day, to give yourself a boost of protein when you need it most.

For best results, consuming a 30g serving with water pre- or post-workout utilizes the fast-digesting properties of the blend to maximize muscle protein synthesis.

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