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Animal / Universal Nutrition Starter Kit

Your entry ticket into the world of Animal! In this kit you get it all, everything you need from a nutritional perspective to help optimize your rigorous training program.

  • ANIMAL FLEX - 7 Servings - All too often, lifters focus only on building strength without thinking twice about the underlying support structure. Truth is, you are only as strong as your weakest link.
  • ANIMAL PAK POWDER - 7 Servings - The true original since 1983, Animal Pak has been the choice for hard-nosed, uncompromising athletes all over the world. It is foundational, "core" nutrition that provides the basic nutritional framework.
  • ANIMAL WHEY - 4 Servings - Muscle food, pure and simple. Protein is the raw material capable of building the mass you desperately seek. For the most dedicated lifters, heavy training and clean eating just aren't enough. They need that little extra.
  • ANIMAL FURY - 5 Servings - A powder keg of power, Animal Fury is intended to bring the pain. A concentrated pre-training formula loaded with efficacious dosages of the most impactful ingredients.
  • ANIMAL Black Shaker - A true Animal needs to show their pride and the Animal black shaker cup is the perfect way to show your pride.

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