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Tested Nutrition

Tested Nutrition MultiVites, 90 Caps

The 1-a-Day Vitamin Solution!

Tested Multivites contains a comprehensive combination of all essential vitamins and minerals, plus extra antioxidants. Tested Multivites is extra high dose for those who could use something extra!

  Tested Nutrition has invested in long and extensive research to provide a laboratory tested multivitamin that brings on results to normal people and athletes. Tested Multivites amazing and performance-geared formula features essential vitamins (including vitamin A, C, D, E and B Complex) that will keep your immune system actively strong and protected.

It also contains 14 unique proven nutrients namely iron minerals to enhance production of red blood cells in the body. When you are engaging in daily physical activities or simply taking a walk, enough red blood cells will help transport oxygen to each and every cell. Another unique mineral provided by this vitamin and mineral supplement, Lycopene is considered a powerful antioxidant to help fight free radicals. Tested Multivites additionally contain Lutein - a important agent that will protect vision in aging adults. At last, a unique mineral rarely available in any other vitamin supplements, Boron also offers you great benefits:

  • It regulates the use of Magnesium and calcium in the body, thus important for strong and healthy bones
  • Helps maintain proper mental function
  • Elevates levels of ionized calcium helping you to keep healthy bones.

 With all these vitamins and unique minerals, Tested Multivites is a great way to keep optimum health and away of health issues! Look out for your health and keep your body's balanced to live a good life.

Cover all your vitamin bases with Tested MultiVites. The brand you can trust.




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