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Tested Nutrition

Tested Nutrition Synergy Zinc, 90 caps

An essential nutrient for hard working athletes. Compares with ATP SynerZinc.
Maintain proper immune function and assists in wound healing
Protection from free radicals
Formation of new nerve cells
Zinc is lost through perspiration and athletes are especially prone to zinc deficiency
Helps to maintain healthy levels of testosterone
Supports male and female reproductive health and fertility
Zinc is classified as an essential nutrient. As your body cannot create Zinc it must be consumed in your daily diet. Foods such as shellfish, eggs and fish contain high levels of Zinc, but most modern diets are designed to be grab-and-go and therefore lack several key nutrients. The importance of Zinc supplementation cannot be understated as athletes tend to be deficient in Zinc. Ensure optimal Zinc levels with Tested Nutrition Synergy Zinc!
Compares with ATP SynerZinc.

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