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Weight Loss

BPI Sports Titan Dissolve (Fat Burner), 30 Servings (Limit 6)


DISSOLVE has been engineered by Mike O’Hearn himself to be the most aggressive fat burning tool available to the Titan Crew (aside from cardio)! With a three-pronged attack on unwanted “fluff,” DISSOLVE is intended to improve body composition; blast stored fat; shed ugly water-weight; and keep you Amp’d-up and energetic, even in a calorie deficit… With the end goal of revealing all your hard earned, shredded muscle which lays beneath!*

Formulated to Make the Fluff DISSOLVE


  • Water!
    Green Teaand Dandelion herbs act as a natural diuretic, eliminating accumulated toxins and expelling water by promoting sweating and urination.*
  • Energy and Focus!
    Caffeineand Theobromine provide long-lasting energy paired with enhanced clarity & focus. The popular herb Yohimbe is well-known for its alpha-2 antagonist and CNS properties. It has been studied that using yohimbe before exercise may promote fat loss.*
  • Stored Body-fat Utilization!
    Carnitine is widely known for its role in helping the body turn fat into energy*

If you're following the Titan's training plans and living the Power Bodybuilding lifestyle, you're already on track to building some serious muscle - and that's something to be proud of! So showoff those hard earnd Gainz and DISSOLVE anything standing between your muscle and everyone's eyeballs!

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