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Weight Loss

BPI Sports Vegan Protein, 25 Servings (Limit 2)

High-Quality Protein Powder For Plant-Based Athletes
  • 100% plant based protein
  • All-natural flavors - sweetened with stevia extract
  • Non-dairy with no animal products so it's vegan friendly
  • 20 grams of protein per serving

It may surprise you to see a vegetable-based protein on a sports nutrition site, but in the last few years, science has shown us that protein is valuable – no matter where it comes from! That’s why we created Veggie Protein, a high-quality protein powder formulated with a blend of pea isolate and brown rice protein. This delicious, vegan-friendly supplement contains 20g of protein per scoop with only 2g of fat and zero sugar!*

Lean Muscle Growth:

Protein is the building block of muscle. With 20g per scoop, Veggie Protein is a delicious, convenient source of this muscle-building macro.*


In addition to muscle growth, protein is also essential for the repair of muscle tissue. Supplementing with a protein powder immediately after a workout can help accelerate the recovery process.*


A plant-based diet may allow athletes to work out harder and longer.*

Weight Loss:

Protein is beneficial for those on a diet as it helps keep you full throughout the day. Certain plants are excellent sources of protein, often with fewer calories than animal products.*

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