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Advanced Genetics F-10 (Fat Burner), 84 Caps

Go beyond shredded with F-10

F-10 features the Fat Incineration Formula, combining the most cutting-edge ingredients into one powerful formula strong enough for professional physique athletes. F-10 is MILITARY GRADE!


Green Tea Extract/Quercetin
Raspberry Ketones
Sweet Red Pepper Extract


Access tolerance with 1 capsule once or twice per day. For maximum results, F-10 is taken once per day; 2 capsules. It can be taken 30 minutes prior to cardiovascular or anaerobic activity. The Fat Incineration formula will ensure you get the most from your effort in the gym!
F-10 can also be taken on non-training days. On off days, it will keep your metabolism working on overdrive!
Bodybuilders often stack this product with GP3 EVO and ALPHA.


When do I take F-10?
For best results, we suggest 2 capsules once per day. Start with 1 capsule twice per day to access your tolerance.

Can I take it with food?
Each dose should be taken on an empty stomach or immediately before eating for best results.

Should I take it every day?
We suggest taking F-10 every day for up to 12 weeks. After that time take 2-3 weeks off from any stimulant.

Besides F-10, what other supplements should I be taking?
To maintain muscle mass while dieting we strongly suggest you take GP3 EVO. If you are a male over 21, ALPHA can also play a key role in achieving the perfect physique.

Is there anything I shouldn’t take while using this product?
We recommend avoiding all other stimulants while taking F-10 to get the full benefits (coffee, energy drinks, pre-workout powders). Too much caffeine can be detrimental to your fat loss efforts.

What kind of results will I get?
Every individual is different, but if you exercise and follow a sensible eating plan, you will notice a dramatic fat loss within a very short time.

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