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    Allmax Hexapro High Protein Lean Meal 4 x 2lb (Blend of 6 Proteins)

    6 Protein Sources for Sustained Release.

    • Great tasting, healthy protein shake
    • 6 protein sources for sustained amino acid release
    • Daytime, Nighttime - Best consumed ANYTIME!
    • Free of Artificial Colors and Dyes

    Ultra-Premium Protein Formula Suitable for Any Level

    Whether you’re just starting out with regular workouts or are a gym veteran, Allmax HexaPro provides the pure protein you need to build muscle and reach your long-term fitness goals. HexaPro delivers 25g of muscle-building protein in every serving, making it easy to get the recommended 20-40g daily. 

    Works While You Rest

    Allmax HexaPro takes advantage of the idle time you spend sleeping, limiting muscle breakdown and stimulating muscle protein synthesis so you keep gaining and avoid plateaus. It’s also an excellent meal replacement for those days when you just can’t fit in a healthy meal. HexaPro satisfies your craving and delivers the health benefits you’ve come to expect from Allmax products.

    Great Taste, Convenient Packaging

    Despite its benefits, if a protein shake causes you to make a face every time you sip on it, you’ll never maintain the regular consumption needed to gain all the benefits it provides. That’s why Allmax HexaPro is formulated in four delicious flavors that you’ll love, and the thick, rich shake it makes will keep you coming back for more. 

    It’s more convenient than ever to enjoy HexaPro with its new, patented Scoop Lock technology that locks your scoop into place on the lid for easy access!