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Allmax RapidCuts Shredded, 180 Caps

A formula specific to and exclusively for fat loss!

- 1,000 mg Green Coffee Extract

- 125 mg Sensoril Ashwagandha Extract

- 36 mg Cranesbill Extract

- Sustained Release Thermogenics

What Is Allmax RapidCuts?

Shredded RAPIDCUTS SHREDDED is pure, unadulterated fat-shredding potency. The most concentrated, pharma-grade ingredients known to fat loss science have been brought together to give you the kind of rapid, accelerated fat-shredding power you demand.

ALLMAX Pro-Competition Series RAPIDCUTS SHREDDED is ideal for competitors who demand rapid and effective fat loss. RAPIDCUTS SHREDDED has been based on the latest cutting-edge science.

It provides comprehensive fat loss based on the Target, Release, Ignite System.

The Pro-Competition Series of products from ALLMAX provides the highest level of performance for the highest levels of competition. RAPIDCUTS SHREDDED is ideal for 8-week programs and can be effectively integrated into any diet and cardio regimen.

Please read the label completely before starting with RAPIDCUTS SHREDDED. The label features a specific dosage code unique to your needs. Each serving should be taken 30-60 minutes prior to meals on an empty stomach. On days that you weight train or have an athletic event, take RAPIDCUTS SHREDDED 30 minutes before the event to increase energy and fat metabolism.

Drink at least 12 cups of water a day.

2 x 90caps

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