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    American Metabolix Muscle Test, 90 Capsules

    Bring Your Best, And Nothing Less

    Accept nothing less than feeling your absolute best, with Muscle Test, the testosterone supplement containing proven, scientifically dosed ingredients in proprietary blends. Support testosterone production levels, lean muscle building, and a robust, healthy libido with key ingredients meticulously dosed for max efficacy. Quite simply, Muscle Test is the men’s testosterone supplement specifically designed to elevate your performance, physique, and mood.

    • Testosterone Support
    • Libido
    • Build Strength
    • Promote Lean Muscle Growth
    • Mood Support

    Testosterone is for men, and estrogen is for women, right? Testosterone is the crucial hormone men need for strength gains and proper metabolic activities. Estrogen, is actually made by converting circulating free testosterone in the body by an enzyme called aromatase. As men age, they also tend to make increasing levels of estrogen with decreased production of testosterone. Estrogen can be made in the liver, muscle and brain, as well as the fat cells. This is actually where much of the concern lies. As obesity rates go up in this country and around the world, the production of estrogen will also increase from the fat cells. This is a bad combination of decreasing testosterone and increasing estrogen. Estrogen, in abundance, can make us feel tired, depressed, and limit our progress in the gym and bedroom.

    Testosterone and estrogen are actually very closely related in the body. A look at their chemical structure reveals only subtle differences. Yet, the differences of the effects of these two hormones on the body are substantial. Testosterone affects nearly every cell in the male body. It improves muscle mass and bone density and will also have a positive effect on the heart, brain and blood vessels.

    Muscle Test addresses the Testosterone and Estrogen balance with a revolutionary TSH and Adrenal rejuvenation blend. The comprehensive formula makes Muscle Test a necessity for any Male looking to increase performance in athletics, everyday life, or in the bedroom.