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Animal / Universal Nutrition Meal, Trial 6 Pack (New Lower Price)

Premium Meal Replacement with Blend of Whole Food-Based Ingredients for Balanced Nutrition

ANIMAL MEAL™ is a high-quality meal replacement powder using simple, wholesome, food-based ingredients selected for their easy-to-digest nature and potential to provide balanced and sustained nutrition. Created without any artificial colors, flavors, sweeteners or preservatives, Animal Meal can be consumed anytime throughout the day in place of a whole food meal.

It has been formulated for elite athletes who require nutrient-dense, yet easily digested calories. While Animal Meal was designed for elite athletes, because of its ingredient list and profile, it can be used by anyone seeking healthful, balanced, easy-to digest-nutrition. It places a premium on quality and nutritional value, and digestibility above all else.

Supplement Panel varies by size

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