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Animal / Universal Nutrition Snak High Protein Food Bar, 12 x 3.3oz

Having an active lifestyle can be hard! Always counting calories, watching the ingredients list and even how it will affect your body. Because you put so much time, money, and energy, you should always have the best and most whole full ingredients in the stuff you eat to gain your perfect body. Well this bar has made your days easier and all you have to do is enjoy it till the last bite. Introducing Universal Nutrition's Animal Snak Protein Bars!


The reason why these bars are the perfect way to keep your stomach calm and mind at ease is because they are made with real, whole ingredients. Now that’s super hard to find. These bars contain about 25g of protein in each bar, making these a very high protein meal bar! Protein is very important ingredient to give to your body because it repairs and protects your muscles after and before your workout. Protein also gives you energy and helps burn off fat so you can continue your adventure! This amazing bar has NO added sugars or artificial flavorings making this one of the healthiest bars out there, even if it does taste like brownies. Now your sweet tooth can be happy and you will be happy knowing it won't hurt your progress.


  • 230 Calories a bar
  • No added sugars
  • No artificial flavors or sweeteners
  • Made with real and whole full ingredients

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