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BIG JUG (1/2 Gallon), 2.2 Litres

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It's common knowledge, but rarely accomplished, that you should drink eight 8-ounce glasses of water, which equals about 2 liters, or half a gallon daily. This is called the 88 rule and is very easy to remember but not very convenient until now! Also for those consuming BCAA's throughout the day, products such as Allmax AminoCore, 5% AllDayYouMay and Cygen Clean BCAA this is a great jug to have by your side.

Available Colors: Blue or Pink

BPA FREE -The Big Jug is made from BPA Free Materials. We use NSF 51 Certified Eastar Resin.

TOTAL CAPACITY-The Big Jug holds up to 2.2 L, so you can get your recommended daily water intake without refilling.

LEAK-FREE LID-Thanks to our silicone based seal, your lid won't leak like some other lower quality water bottles.

FREEZER SAFE-The Big Jug Is not afraid of the cold. Its freezer safe, as long as you don't overfill it with liquid.

SOLID CONSTRUCTION-The unique design of The Big Jug ensures that your jug can take a fall or a hit without cracking.

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