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BPI Sports Krill Collagen, 60 Vcaps

Krill Oil + Hydrolyzed Collagen to Improve Cardiovascular Health and Performance

Support Heart Health - Research shows that the omega-3 fatty are important for maintaining cardiovascular health.
Overall Well-Being - Healthy fats, like omega-3s, are vital to overall health and well-being. They support brain health, increase energy and may help control weight.
Cushion Joints and Ligaments - Omega-3 fatty acids can provide joint comfort and maintain healthy blood flow during exercise.
Gluten Free.
Zero chemical preservatives, zero artificial flavors, zero artificial colors, zero fillers and zero synthetic compounds.
BPI's Natural Essentials Krill Collagen may help to promote overall health and well-being. Krill Oil, one of the most popular sources of Omega 3 fatty acids on the market today, may help improve cardiovascular health and performance. Both Krill Oil and Collagen can help cushion joints and ligaments.
Support Heart Health, Overall Well-Being, Cushion Joints and Ligaments with BPI Krill Collagen!

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