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BPI Sports Nitro HD, 30 Servings

Fast acting nitrosigine pump formula



  • Increases blood flow
  • Create energy and pump for workouts
  • Added focus and recovery
  • Works in as little as 15 minutes
  • Benefits last for up to 6 hours


Nitrosigine® is a patented dietary complex of bonded arginine silicate stabilized with inositol. In several studies, this clinically-substantiated ingredient was shown to enhance the levels of both arginine and nitric oxide in the blood. This combination works well to increase the blood flow to your working muscles and enhance the pump. All bodybuilders and athletes love the pump from workouts and with Nitro HD from BPI this can be achieved.


Nitro HD is effective for those late night workouts as it is a non-stimulant formula. There is no need to cycle it as the ingredients work just as good however often you use it. In fact, if you dose it on your off days it will keep you pumped and boost recovery by pushing blood and nutrients into the muscles. This is best used in those hypertrophy workouts, where high reps are needed to get as much blood into the muscles as possible.


BPI Sports Nitro HD can be used by anyone, particularly those who don’t want caffeine or a stimulant but still need a pump from their workout.

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