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Darkside Supps Ultra Pre Xtreme, 25 Serv

Darkside Supps Ultra pre Extreme Massacre is a stimmed out pre-workout formula packed with nootropics and a powerful mood boost and sense of motivation. This formula packs in 450mg Caffeine along with a whopping 300mg of Eria Jarensis and nootropics like Hordenine, Alpha GPC and Tyrosine. They didn't stop there either, this formula contains a hefty dose of Citrulline and Beta Alanine for a nice pump as well. If you're looking for a high stim preworkout that gets you motivated to hit the gym and focused on your workout you can't go wrong with Pre Extreme Massacre from Darkside Supps. 

Darkside Supps Ultra Pre Extreme Massacre Highlights & Benefits

  • Extreme Energy, Shirt Splitting Pumps and Enhanced Focus
  • 300mg of Eria Jarensis for a Mood Boost and Powerful Motivation
  • Nootropics for Enhanced Focus and Mind:Muscle Connection
  • Over 11 Grams of Active Ingredients
  • All Around Preworkout to Boost Your Performance

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