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GET Performance Vitamin Complex, 120 caps

Pharmaceutical grade highly concentrated Multivitamin.

Well balanced with the highest nutraceutical ingredients available to support an active life.

Everyone knows that deficiency in any one of the vitamins can produce a cascade-like effect and impose a negative impact on several bodily functions. Athletes and those who exercise intensely lose many critical vitamins and minerals from training. This is due to a variety of factors, including the loss of minerals in sweat and urine, their increased use for energy production during workouts, and their increased use for recovery and protein synthesis after workouts.

Whether you’re an athlete or an occasional trainer PERFORMANCE VITAMIN COMPLEX is designed specifically to give you the key vitamins and minerals to get performance as well as an overall well-being. PERFORMANCE VITAMIN COMPLEX is a complete and comprehensive multivitamin supplement packed with the highest quality ingredients available on the market to ensure optimal performance, strength, vitality, and recovery. Potent, powerful, and effective, PERFORMANCE VITAMIN COMPLEX should be the nutritional cornerstone of any serious strength athlete who seeks value and results.

PERFORMANCE VITAMIN COMPLEX uses a special coating to help ensure an easy swallow and a more efficient absorption rate.

Whatever your training goal may be, when it comes to your health, there is no compromise to make. PERFORMANCE VITAMIN COMPLEX is the key product for you!

Supports energy, metabolism and nutrients breakdown- Tow critical factors for athletic performance & recovery
Contains a blend of vitamins & minerals that support cardiovascular health
Antioxidants such as Vitamin C,E & Selenium to help defend against the effects of free radicals
Piperine – Significantly enhances the bioavailability of supplement nutrients through increased absorption
Absorb and digest easily

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