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Goliath Labs Stimuloid, 60 Capsules

Experience A Full Body Sexual Surge And Increased Sexual Power!

Pycnogenol, when used together with L-arginine, is shown to increase the production of NO and helps support healthy sexual function in men. Stimuloid also contains Epimedium Sagittatum (AKA "Horny Goat Weed") and Yohimbe. Studies conducted recently clearly showed that yohimbe was superior to placebo for sexual health from a variety of sources.

Stimuloid Highlights:

  • Stimuloid is the strongest, most "extreme" sexual stimulant on the market
  • Immediate results! No need to wait to know that the product is working.
  • The sexual surge you will experience from Stimuloid will give you huge amounts of energy
  • No side effects, no prescription needed, and is all natural
  • Huge serving size of the most expensive, highly concentrated extracts available

Stimuloid from Goliath Labs is a Natural Sexual Male Enhancement for men.

Stimuloid features:

• 60 Capsules of male Natural Male enhancement
• 100% Natural
• Analogue, Stimulant Free
• Made in the USA
• Enhance Sex Drive
• Sexual Performance Support
• Natural Sexual Stimulant
• Help Sexual Power
• Support Blood Flow to Extremities
• Promote Stamina
• Natural Testosterone Support Supplement

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