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InterActive Nutrition Absolute Rice Protein, 600g

Absolute Rice Protein - 100% Vegan Friendly

23 grams of Protein per serving
Gluten Free
Absolutely PURE. 
Absolutely CLEAN.
Absolutely NO ARTIFICIAL INGREDIENTS (sweeteners, color, flavors).

For the Active Individual and Athlete who wants a great protein alternative that is 100% pure and natural
100% All Natural. Perfect for those seeking maximum purity - free of additives or chemicals.
All natural vanilla flavoring used is naturally occurring from organisms that have not been modified by genetic engineering techniques.
Not chemically processed we use only water and natural enzymes that digest the carbohydrate portion of the rice and isolate the protein portion. Manufactured under 100% cold temperature micro-filtered process. This manufacturing process keeps the protein 'denatured', allowing your body to reap maximum benefits of the rice protein.
Benefits of Rice Protein?
A health enhancing protein source, for Active Individuals and Athletes who either cannot or do not wish to use animal-based protein. Vegan, hypo-allergenic protein formula. Excellent source of protein for Active Individuals and Athletes with allergies but, wishing to add extra protein to their diets. Dairy and Lactose Free. Free from all food allergens (NON GMO). Non-GMO ingredients have not been genetically engineered to contain any genetic material from another species. 

Nutritional profile may vary with flavor.

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