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Interval Nutrition Intra Nourish+ Clear, 20Serv

  •  Provides essential electrolytes to keep your body hydrated as you work out
  • Contains Peptopro Hydrolyzed Casseinate for instant absorption, Beta Alanine for endurance and energy as well as HBCD, a premium carbohydrate that is easily digested for optimum performance and recovery
  • Helps to prevent muscle breakdown with a steady stream of carbs to your muscles
  • Stronger formula than the original Intra Nourish with an extra boost of energy
  • Caffeine free and ideal for both men and women

Intra Nourish Plus from Interval Nutrition is a potent recovery and endurance matrix designed to supply hydration, sustained energy and performance during your workouts. This powerful blend is formulated to be taken while you work out so it can nourish your muscles with essential carbohydrates for optimum lean muscle mass growth. It utilizes HBCD, an advanced carb that is easily and quickly digested by the body in order the keep your muscles supplied with the necessary fuel for maximum expansion. Intra Nourish Plus also supports hydration with electrolytes, giving you a complete intra workout supplement so you can battle through the toughest of conditioning routines.



Mix 1 scoop 923g) of Intra Nourish Plus in at least 24-32oz of water or other beverage of your choice daily. For maximum effect consume slowly during training.

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