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MusclePharm OxySport, (120 caps)

MusclePharm OxySport Black

This is the next level in thermogenics and fat loss

A thermogenesis breakthrough, OxySport Black increases your bodys temperature while providing clean energy and focus. Utilizing innovative ingredients backed by real science, this is the first thermogenic built for athletes. OxySport Black allows your system to burn fat while maintaining that lean body you worked so hard for. This is a game changer for athletes fat loss. It gives you a safe and effective way to burn fat and maximize your potential.


Those interested in a non-proprietary blend weight/fat loss supplement with clinically proven, innovative ingredients.


Increases energy via the transport of fatty acids into muscle cellular mitochondria (uses fat for energy).

A patented weight loss ingredient shown in clinical studies to encourage lipolysis (use fat for energy) while reducing abdominal fat, waist size, and hip size.

Lipase aids in the digestion of fats and may be effective for weight loss due to reducing the caloric influence of excess food.

A form of caffeine that lasts up to 8 times longer than normal caffeine, without the typical caffeine crash. Caffeine has been shown to increase energy and endurance, decrease fatigue, and improve focus.

Capsimax is a highly concentrated natural capsicum fruit and potent thermogenic that can aid in burning body fat.

Teacrine works with the bodys natural metabolic processes to deliver longer lasting energy, increased mental clarity and improve mood and motivation.

No proprietary blends
450mg of sinetrol
100mg of teacrine
100mg of capsimax
Helps manage appetite
Supports a healthy metabolism

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