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Nova Forme CYTOGREENS (30 Servings), 267g - Acai Berry Green Tea

Premium Green Superfood for Athletes!

In creating CYTOGREENS, we focused on highly concentrated, truly green, nutrient rich raw-sourced foods in amounts suitable for athletes who demand more from their bodies.
100% Lecithin-Free: (A common allergen & industrial emulsifier): Why pay for non-green, cheap filler Lecithin as the #1 Ingredient in leading greens supplements CYTOGREENS has ZERO Lecithin! As much as 25% of top greens formulas contain this filler.
High-Density, Chlorophyll-Rich Nutrients: The math is simple, CYTOGREENS has as much as DOUBLE or more of the Dark Green chlorophyll-rich nutrients as top greens supplements, so what are you paying for with other products, celery & soy Filler-Free: Ultra-Concentrated means you are getting Chlorophyll-Rich Green Superfoods like Spirulina, Cracked-Cell Chlorella and Ultra-Fine Premium Matcha Green Tea No Fillers, No Colors, 100% Natural Flavor, 100% Natural Sweetener. Ultra-Potent ORAC-Listed Anti-Oxidants: CYTOGREENS has 346 mg of Standardized, Free-Radical Nutralizing, High-ORAC Anti-Oxidants (1.4 g if you count our Matcha Green Tea) look at most greens on the market, you wont find any ORAC rating, or even a standardization. Ingredient Amounts that Matter: Many so called green supplements supply dozens and dozens of ingredients at dosages that are so small, its a wonder they are there at all, 5 mg here, 10 mg there truly miniscule amounts. True Bio-Availability: CYTOGREENS has Cytozymes, a custom 9 enzyme high-potency blend that has as much as 40 times the enzyme activity of leading greens products. Cytozymes helps break down the raw, whole-food ingredients to help release nutrients for optimal digestion and bioavailability. Research-Backed: Key ingredients are backed by rigorous scientific studies to Improve Stamina and Endurance. In creating CYTOGREENS, we focused on highly concentrated, truly green, nutrient rich raw-sourced foods in amounts suitable for athletes who demand more from their bodies. With Patented ARX Athletic Recovery X-Celerator backed by two human clinical studies. Proven to improve Endurance and Recovery. Included at 500 mg Serving. CHLOROPHYLL: THE DETOXIFICATION HEAVY LIFTER Systemic Detoxification Over-burdened organs, digestion and immune systems cannot function optimally if they are over burdened by environmental stressors (toxins). Raw Chorophyll is the basis for all green plants to convert sunlight to energy. This is also the core driver of the truly GREEN ingredients that make up 84.6% of the CYTOGREENS formula! Aside from the extremely broad variety of benefits that chlorophyll provides; It is the raw, whole food based chlorophyll in CYTOGREENS that is the Heavy Lifter for systemic detoxification. In fact some of the ingredients in CYTOGREENS are successfully used in cases of acute toxicity in patients who have been poisoned by heavy metals exposure. Just imagine what they will do for you. Chlorophyll literally binds to highly damaging toxins (such as mercury, lead and arsenic that can build up over time) and shuttles them out of your body. Highly effective and optimally dosed organic-source Milk Thistle (80% Extract) has a long track record of effective liver detoxification. While other so-called greens give you an ineffective dosage of 15 mg, 25 mg maybe 50 mg CYTOGREENS understands the value of these ingredients and has included a full 200 mg in every serving. 1 SERVING OF CYTOGREENS HAS 21x THE CHLOROPHYLL AS A FULL SERVING OF DARK LEAFY GREENS! pH Balancing (De-Acidification / Alkalyzation) With a diet high in protein-rich meat consumption and a broad range of other acidifying dietary consumables, the western diet has left most, especially athletes more acidic than they should be optimally. This pressures your whole system to consistently buffer that acidity. The whole, raw-source greens within CYTOGREENS is ideal for creating a more alkaline system. The benefit to you as an athlete is that you can more effectively consume, absorb and retain nitrogen from protein consumption. This is a major advantage for both building and maintaining lean muscle tissue. Blood Building The oxygen carrying capacity of blood is of the utmost importance to any athlete! Ultra-Concentrated CYTOGREENS has over 40 times the chlorophyll of a serving of dark green broccoli in just one serving! Aside from having a near identical chemical composition as hemoglobin in blood, Chlorophyll stimulates the production of red blood cells. Building your blood increases your vitality, energy levels and your bloods ability to both supply oxygen and carry waste CO2 away. i CYTOGREENS HAS TWICE THE CHLOROPHYLL-RICH DARK GREEN NUTRIENTS OF LEADING GREENS PRODUCTS Ultra-Potent Antioxidant Power Athletes consume large amounts of oxygen during training. While of course absolutely necessary, it does create a large amount of oxidative damage caused by Free Radicals. The minimum daily recommended dose of anti-oxidants lies between the ORAC values 3,000 and 5,000. CYTOGREENS does not subscribe to the theory of kitchen-sink formulation meaning randomly throwing in every known powder at truly miniscule amounts that provide little more than what is known in the industry as label dressing. CYTOGREENS PROVIDES FEWER INGREDIENTS AT LARGER AMOUNTS THAT PROVIDE REAL BENEFIT. Our Spirulina alone has a massive ORAC value of 24,400 molTE/100g (4x higher than blueberries) included at over 1,000 mg per serving, that is a truly huge anti-oxidant powerhouse suitable for any athlete. In addition, we have included a very rare and completely organic superfruit known as Amla (Indian Gooseberry), long prized by Ayurvedic medicine for centuries for a broad range of healing applications more importantly for athletes it has an ORAC value of 437,900 molTE/100g. In addition, we have included Acai berry extract with a ORAC value of 102,000 molTE/100g along with essential nutrient antioxidants, the richest sources of naturally occurring Vitamin C Acerola extract. Supercharging our formula even more, our powerhouse Matcha Ultra-Fine Green Tea Powder has a sky-high ORAC of 134,800 molTE/100g and with 1,014 mg per serving. With CYTOGREENS you are truly getting your daily dose of dark green pigment anti-oxidants! ii GRAM FOR GRAM CYTOGREENS HAS 22x THE ANTI-OXIDANT POWER AS BLUEBERRIES! Non-Green Fats Dont Belong In Your Greens Many so-called green formulas have the number one ingredient as Lecithin. Lecithin is an emulsifier, a fat most often used in food processing, or as a filler to take up more room in a given product. Defined by the online encyclopedia Wikipedia as Lecithin is a generic term to designate any group of yellow-brownish fatty substances occurring in animal and plant tissues, and in egg yolk and it goes on to say In the food industry it has multiple uses: In confectionery it reduces viscosity, replaces more expensive ingredients, controls sugar crystallization and the flow properties of chocolate, helps in the homogeneous mixing of ingredients, improves shelf life for some products, and can be used as a coating. It is so common in regular foods that it is far from an ingredient that needs to be in a Greens formula. With CYTOGREENS we have focused only on the concentrated core ingredients that provide benefits and results. Immune System Support Aloe Vera (Aloe Barbadensis Miller) has long been known as potent wound healer, cleansative agent and systemic tonic. NutraForme has gone deeper into cutting edge research to bring hard training athletes immune system support like none other. Daltonmax 200 is a times potency Aloe Vera Concentrate that is completely unique in the world of nutrition; an organic ingredient that uses the Aloe gel within the Aloe plant exclusively. Unlike many other Aloe products, Daltonmax Aloe is never heat, enzyme or carbon treated and as result maintains all of its bioavailabilty. Where Daltonmax really shines is in its large molecular size. 75% of Daltonmax ranges between 200,000 Daltons and 1,000,000 Daltons as tested by HPLC lab research! Regular Aloe is only 25% by comparison. Large molecular weight Aloe activate the bodys immune defense system (White Blood Cell Macrophages) that are responsible for both identifying, attacking and destroying foreign invaders! From an athletes standpoint, effective immune function is critical, but even more interesting is the essential role the bodys immune system in muscle regeneration and muscle recovery from intense physical activity! Immune system white blood cells literally repair damaged muscle tissue.iii,iv,v,vi,vii This multi-stage process is essential in becoming stronger, faster and bigger through repetitive training. Serving Size: 8.9 g Servings Per Container: 60 GREEN PERFORMANCE MATRIX 6,557 mg Detox and pH Balance High-GLA Spirulina (60% Protein) 1251 mg High-CGF Chlorella (Cracked-Cell Wall) 1104 mg Ultra-Fine Matcha Green Tea 1014 mg ProPulseTM - Pea Protein (82% Protein) 1007 mg Organic Alfalfa 872 mg Organic Barley Grass 658 mg Organic Spinach Leaf 651 mg ARX - Athletic Recovery X-celerator Clinically Researched Proprietary Blend 500 mg Power Mushroom Complex Flammulina Velutipes Hyphae Extract Reiishi Mushroom Hyphae Extract Cordyceps Hyphae Extract Eleuthero Root Extract Tangerine Peel Extract Ginseng Root Extract FREE-RADICAL DEFENSE BLEND 346 mg Hi-ORAC Anti-Oxidant Brazilian Aai Berry (ORAC 102,000 molTE/100 g) 132 mg Organic Amla Berry Extract (60% Polyphenols ORAC 437,000 molTE/100 g) 115 mg Acerola Cherry (18% Natural Vitamin C) 52 mg Citrus Bioflavonoid Complex 47 mg CYTOZYMES 720 mg Digestive Enzyme Assimilation Inulin Prebiotic from Chicory Root (FOS: Fructo-Oligosaccharide) 500 mg Protein Digestive Enzymes Protease 4.5 (6500 HUT) 65 mg Peptidase (600 HUT) 2.4 mg Plant Digestive Enzymes Cellulase (2545 CU) 64 mg Hemicellulase (7000 HCU) 14 mg Carbohydrate Digestive Enzymes Amylase (4000 DU) 40 mg Pectinase (25 endo-PGU) 17 mg Glucoamylase (3 AGU) 3 mg Lipid Digestive Enzymes Lipase (150 FIP) 15 mg HIGH-LIGNAN FLAX FIBRE 250 mg Omega3-Rich Seed Powder LignamaxTM - Organic Hi-Lignan Flaxseed 250 mg LIVER DEFENSE 200 mg Systemic Organ Detox Organic Milk Thistle (80% Silymarin) 200 mg IMMUNE DEFENSE 100 mg Immune Activation Support Organic Aloe Vera Barbadensis Miller 100 mg (DaltonMax 700 200x concentration) Directions: Mix 1 Scoop of CytoGreens with 355ml cold water. Take 1 to 2 servings daily.


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