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Performa Ultra Premium Lifting Straps - Captain Marvel

Whether it be protection during powerlifting, Crossfit, MMA, push-ups, or overall strength training, Performa's Premium Padded Weight Lifting Straps are built to deliver against any demands they will endure. These Liftings Straps are made with comfortable, 100% cotton Duraflex webbing which is designed for breathability and durability during any lifting exercise. Performa's one size fits all straps provide increased grip strength with a loop style, 25 inch extra long strap, making it the top choice for any fitness enthusiast. The Lifting Straps' padded interior will make sure your wrists are supported and comfortable during any strength workout. With the ultimate protection during all workouts, Performa's Lifting Straps provide maximum support and stability.

  • Sold in pairs
  • Padded interior for ultimate comfort
  • Increased grip strength
  • Loop style 25 inch extra long straps for increased security
  • Duraflex is 100% ultra premium cotton webbing for breathability and durability
  • One size fits all

Please Note: While the straps are designed to sustain regular heavyweight, high intensity use, it's still always wise to inspect both straps carefully for any wear and tear before attempting a lift.

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