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Primeval Labs Epibolic, 60 Caps

Train hard. Eat right. Sleep. Repeat.

If you’ve been around the iron game long enough, you’ve heard this mantra repeated ad nauseum. While there is much truth behind it, serious athletes have been living it for years, if not decades.

The question becomes…what else can hardcore natural athletes do to further optimize, refine, and enhance their training, recovery, and results?

Epibolic offers a solution.

Epibolic is the premier hardcore natural muscle-building accelerator supplement available. Containing a trifecta of research-backed ingredients, Epibolic will help you realize increases in stamina, strength, force production, pumps, and hypertrophy when used in conjunction with proper diet and training.

  • Supports greater muscle gains*
  • Supports increased strength & stamina*
  • Supports improvements in free & total testosterone levels*
  • Aids nitric oxide production and muscle pumps*
  • Helps reduce feelings of stress*
  • Supports an anabolic environment*

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