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    Primeval Labs Mega Test PM, 90 Caps

    Testosterone is man’s greatest ally for building muscle & strength, boosting mood & productivity, and living a happy, gains-filled life. Basically, it is a “super serum” that is naturally produced by every red-blooded man walking the planet.*

    Unfortunately, T levels start to naturally decline sometime around 30, and a host of lifestyle factors (smoking, excessive drinking, lifestyle stress, poor sleep, etc.) can accelerate its descent, ultimately leaving you slower, weaker, and more miserable.*

    MEGA TEST PM is every man’s nighttime solution to better sleep, enhanced recovery, and a healthy hormone profile. Using natural ingredients that are backed by hard science to improve sleep quality and support healthy testosterone levels, Mega Test PM delivers key nutrients that help you calm down and relax. And, with better sleep comes greater energy, elevated mood, enhanced productivity, and of course naturally higher testosterone levels.*