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Sparta Nutrition Kraken Pump, 40serv

As a powerful, caffeine-free pre-workout supplement, Sparta Nutrition Kraken Pump focuses on boosting nitric oxide within the body to increase blood flow for improved endurance, overall performance, and muscular appearance.

What Is Sparta Nutrition Kraken Pump?

As science discovers more about the compounds and ingredients that help athletes and exercisers achieve peak physical performance, workout supplements are increasingly consumed to benefit from those discoveries.

Sparta Nutrition’s mission is to provide the best quality products for the best results, all backed by science and driven by research. Their Sparta Nutrition Kraken Pump is a pre-workout supplement without stimulants to either be used on its own for those who do not want caffeine or mixed with other beneficial pre-workout ingredients.

Specifically designed to increase both endurance and blood flow to the muscles, the main ingredients are focused on delivering nitic oxide and providing hydration.

Benefits of nitric oxide supplementation include increased glucose accessibility and use, increased availability of energy, balanced core temperature, greater endurance and reduced fatigue, and accelerated recovery rates.

As blood flow is increased throughout the body, oxygenated blood is delivered to all physical tissues for the efficient delivery of nutrients and speedy repair. A higher rate of recovery allows for more frequent training, while also decreasing the chance of over training, which can seriously hinder progress.

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