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Essential Vitamins You May Be Missing

Renee Romano |

Even if you eat a balanced diet, you could still be falling short on some key vitamins and minerals. Here are the top vitamins to supplement for better overall health:


Vitamin D - This vitamin is crucial for bone health, immune function, and may even reduce cancer risk. Most people don't get enough from food and sun exposure alone. Taking a vitamin D3 supplement can help fill in the gaps.

Vitamin B12 - Found mostly in animal products, B12 is important for red blood cell formation and neurological function. Vegetarians and vegans are at high risk of deficiency and should supplement this vitamin.

Omega-3s - These healthy fats provide anti-inflammatory benefits and support heart and brain health. Unless you eat fatty fish regularly, an omega-3 or fish oil supplement can ensure you get enough EPA and DHA. 

Magnesium - This mineral aids in over 300 bodily processes including muscle and nerve function. Many people are deficient due to poor nutrient levels in soil. A magnesium glycinate or chelate supplement is easily absorbed.

A basic multivitamin is also a good way to cover your bases for any other potential nutrient shortfalls. Always check with your doctor, but these are some of the most important vitamins to consider supplementing.


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