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  • May 13, 2024 2 min read

    Born Different, Born Hardcore

    We are pumped to announce a revolutionary shift in our brand identity that amplifies our commitment to the hardcore, the freaks, the crazies, the mass monsters, and the obsessed... The MUTANTS. YOU!

    You have been and will always be our people, and embody the true essence of the sports of bodybuilding and strength athletics. This “Rebirth” of MUTANT marks the dawn of a new chapter, propelling us into the forefront of the industry while staying true to our roots and catering to an audience that has all but been abandoned by the “fitness industry” at large.

    Evolving for the Future 

    Premiering at The Arnold Sports Festival, in Columbus, Ohio, our jaw-dropping new look, reignites our hardcore spirit, and boldly declares our relentless pursuit of excellence and our deep-rooted dedication to the hardcore lifestyle. And that’s not all! Our revamped packaging, storylines, and modified brand identity are a powerful statement about who we are, what we represent, and more accurately communicate our mission to support and celebrate the unyielding spirit of the hardcore bodybuilding community.

    Our new slogan, "Born Different, Born Hardcore," isn't just a catchphrase—it's a promise to stay true to our roots and our DNA, celebrate individuality, be unforgettable, and embrace the strength that comes from our shared ethos. From our products to our brand image, every aspect of MUTANT now embodies this fierce spirit.

    The Home of the Hardcore Lifestyle 

    We have always been dedicated to the hardcore bodybuilding community. Our products and lifestyle gear are designed for those who are often told they take training "too seriously"—those who strive to build massive and freakish physiques. With scientific development and research at our core, we eliminate the guesswork in choosing supplements. Because we live to help you get big, get strong, stay well-informed, and stay inspired.

    Our Value Proposition

    We walk the walk, mean what we say, and speak the truth. We’re committed to delivering real results through scientifically researched and proven formulations, exceeding expectations and nurturing a culture of excellence both in and out of the gym.

    We are a declaration of the power and spirit of the hardcore bodybuilder and strength athlete. Despite this rebirth, our mission remains the same: we’re delivering the most advanced, effective products designed solely for those who were born with a screw loose and dare to take their training to the extreme.

    MUTANT remains the trusted ally for those committed to grinding harder and achieving greatness. Born Different, Born Hardcore—MUTANT celebrates the strength, courage, and individuality of our community, ensuring that once you're one of us, there's no turning back.

    This is just the beginning. Be a part of the hardcore revolution. Be a MUTANT.

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