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    BPI Sports Happy Pills, 30 Servings

    Feel Better Now. Non-Prescription Feel Good Formula. Do you feel your Perfect Life is somehow less than Perfect? If so, you are not the only one. Happy Pills Highlights: Energizer (Non-Jittery Formula). Supports a Healthy Mood. Happy Feel Good Formula. Daily Immune Support. Weight Management Support.

    5-Hydroxtrytophan is not the only compound contained in Happy Pills that excites your brian with serotonin. It also contains an exciting blend of N-Acetyl L Tyrosine (supports brain function), St. John Wort Extract, Caffeine (alertness), Folic Acid (helps support brain and emotional function), and B Vitamins (nutrients). All of which help to contribute to a higher emotional output.

    Happy Pills Highlights:

    • Serotonin Booster (fast acting)
    • Effective Mood Support
    • Energizer (Non-Jittery Formula)
    • Convenient, Long Lasting Dose
    • Supports Healthy Weight Loss