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    Repp Sports Raze Mass Caps, 120caps

    Performance Meets Power

    RAZE Mass Caps contains a natural blend of ingredients designed to improve your body's response to weight training. Featuring two sources of ecdysterones. 

    RAZE Mass Caps gives you the edge to work smarter and hard in the gym. These ingredients are naturally founds in plants like Ajuga trukestanica and at higher concentrations have been observed to improve the body's natural muscle building processes, especially when paired with resistance training. The result is a natural, all-in-one formula to support strength & mass when training.

    Have you recently plateaued and struggling to make gains? Mass Caps utilizes ecdysteroids which are potent natural plant steroids. Mass Caps is an all natural muscle builder. It is the perfect 4-in-one product that contains 1000mg Arachidonic Acid, 300mg Turkesterone, 300mg Ecdysterone, 200mg Laxogenin, and 5mg Black Pepper. 

    • Natural Ingredients 
    • Supports Healthy Test Levels 
    • Increases Muscle Mass
    • Increases Strength 
    • Enhances Anaerobic Capacity 
    • Improves Recovery