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    Allmax EAA, 30 Servings

    Unlock Muscle Growth with Allmax EAA

    • 9.25g of essential amino acids, including 5,088mg BCAAs (2:1:1 ratio).
    • Clinically proven to support muscle growth and rapid recovery.
    • Total Molecular Weight optimizes solubility for enhanced absorption.
    • HCl binding agent ensures effective delivery of active EAA.
    • Each serving provides a potent 9.25g of pure, active essential amino acids.

    Introducing our latest addition to the Allmax Essentials line: Essential Amino Acids (EAA). Your body requires all nine EAAs to build muscle, and Allmax EAA delivers precisely that. With 9.25g of essential amino acids per serving, including 5,088mg of Branch Chain Amino Acids (BCAA) in a proven 2:1:1 ratio, our formula is designed to fuel muscle growth and accelerate recovery.

    The Total Molecular Weight of Allmax EAA incorporates both the active form of EAAs and an HCl binding agent for improved solubility. The supplement facts panel accurately reflects the dosages of active EAAs, ensuring you get the full 9.25g of essential amino acids with every serving. Trust Allmax EAA to unlock your potential for optimal muscle development and recovery.