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    Allmax Glutamine, 400 Grams - 80 Serv

    Only the purest raw ingredients through a pharmaceutical grade manufacturing facility!

    • Utilizes pure Japanese-grade powder for optimal quality
    • Manufactured in a pharmaceutical grade facility without heat or chemical treatment
    • Supports increased recovery and enhances immune function

    ALLMAX Glutamine stands out as a premium choice for individuals seeking top-tier quality and effectiveness in their supplementation regimen. Formulated with 100% pure Japanese-grade powder, it undergoes rigorous processing in a pharmaceutical grade facility, ensuring unparalleled purity and potency without the use of heat or chemical treatments.

    The pharmaceutical grade manufacturing process guarantees the integrity of the product, delivering Glutamine in its most bioavailable form to support enhanced recovery and bolstered immune function. This commitment to quality extends to the sourcing of raw ingredients, with meticulous attention to purity and freshness upheld throughout production.

    To optimize results, it is recommended to incorporate ALLMAX Glutamine into one's routine immediately after intense training sessions and before bedtime. By adhering to the suggested use of one teaspoon (5g) once to twice a day, mixed with fruit juice or a preferred beverage, individuals can harness the full benefits of this pharmaceutical grade supplement.

    In the rare event of dissatisfaction with the product's quality or freshness, consumers are encouraged to reach out promptly for resolution, reaffirming the brand's dedication to customer satisfaction and product excellence. Experience the difference with ALLMAX Glutamine and elevate your recovery and immune support regimen to new heights.