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Animal / Universal Nutrition Cuts - 42 Packs (Deal of The Day $12.00)

You want the six pack for summer. You want the tight and shredded physique that you see in the magazines. You’re dieting as hard as you can go and your attacking cardio like your life depended on it, but you just can’t seem to get yourself into that next echelon of conditioning. What should you do? Animal Cuts will push you over the edge. A tried-and-true formula, Cuts utilizes many different complexes and angles to target that stubborn bodyfat. Throw it in the mix and light it up.

The market is flooded with fat burners that push massive amounts of stimulants that give a false notion that the product is effective, while actually underdelivering results. With a moderate amount of caffeine, Cuts includes metabolic agents like Green Tea Leaf Extract to boost your metabolism. L-Tyrosine is known for its cognitive improvements and improving thyroid function. There is a water shedding complex lead by Uva Ursi and Dandelion Root to excrete water weight that blurs your lines.

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