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    Mutant Pump, 154 capsules

    World's Strongest Muscle Pump Stimulator! MUTANT PUMP is an addictively powerful pump pill product from MUTANT, delivering an all-new pump experience. No wonder Mutant boldly claims that we will "experience a pump of pure addiction." It's not the pills that you'll be addicted to. It's the freaky pump sensation you'll get from the most potent Nitric Oxide hyper-activating ingredients.

    • Blood-drenching, uncensored freaky pumps
    • Pushes N.O. activation to an unimaginable degree
    • Forces thunderous blood-racing vascularity and fullness
    • Experience thick and sick muscle hardness like never before

    Ingredient Profile

    HyperPump N.O. Maximizer (3,400mg)

    L-Arginine. Arginine is a precurser of Nitrix Oxide, known for its ability to signal muscle cells, release growth hormone, and enhance fat metabolism. It gets you pumped.

    HYPEROX. This ingredient will help saturate your muscles with NO, keeping your muscle pumps hard, full, and long lasting. A lot of pump products rely on the traditional Arginine-NO pathway. This could get limited by a destructive enzyme called PDE5, which slows down the biochemical process conducive to greater pumps. HYPEROX has been shown to blunt PDE5. That means MUTANT PUMP will transport more blood flow, more nutrients and oxygen to your muscles.

    Most pump products rely solely on arginine, or a combination of arginine and citrulline, to fuel the nitric oxide pathway and give your muscles pump. Mutant Pump takes your pump to a new level with their innovative formula HYPEROX. HYPEROX prolongs nitric oxide-(NO) associated pumps, forcing stronger, longer, and more effective pumps! HYPEROX™ has been shown to inhibit the effects of PDE5 (a destructive enzyme which acts to slow the biochemical process in the arginine-NO pathway), promoting NO saturation and forcing a rapid influx of blood into your muscles.

    In addition to experiencing a more commanding, extended pump, the essentially unlimited blood flow to your muscles accelerates the delivery of crucial muscle-building nutrients and oxygen. The resulting boost in the anabolic process leads to superior gains in muscle size and strength. HYPEROX contributes to the HyperPump N.O. Maximizer (3600 mg) blend, along with fenugreek and arginine.

    Trigonella Foenum-Greacum, or Fenugreek, is an herb used in curry and pickles. It is known to prevent the conversion of testosterone to estrogen. This compound contains high concentrations of ascorbic acid, niacin, choline, and potassium, raising the bar in your performance.

    PlasmaPump Vascularity Enhancer (767mg)

    Glycerol is included as part of PLASMAPUMP VASCULARITY ENHANCER. When glycerol is ingested, it is absorbed and increases the concentration of the fluid in the blood and tissues.*

    Alpha Lipoic Acid (ALA). Supplementing ALA will help increase glucose / amino acids / creatine uptake, and this means more pump!

    Chromium (from Picolinate). This compound helps you absorb the nutrients more effectively, thereby unleashing the power of all the pump ingredients in Mutant Pump!

    Phospho pH Protector (260mg)

    Dicalcium Phospate

    Dipotassium Phosphate

    Ascorbic Acid

    Stimulant Free

    MUTANT PUMP is only loaded with the most pump-inducing ingredients known to science. New MUTANT PUMP is for those who want a pure unadulterated PUMP!