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NF Sports Wodpak Daily Mulitvitamins, 30 Packets

Cover all your nutrient needs and more in a once-daily convenient packet

  • Complete Multi-Vitamin and Multi-Mineral
  • Full serving of Omega-3 Fish oil
  • High Orac Antioxidant Reds Richberry™

Beyond your basic multi-vitamin, WODPAK provides you with high levels of essential vitamins, along with a complete multi-mineral and vitamin K2, high ORAC antioxidant RichBerry, and high potency fish oil.

Conveniently packaged in easy-to-carry individual packets, WODPAK gives you the flexibility to carry your essential vitamins with you - wherever life takes you.

As research on optimal nutrition intake presses forward, active individuals are finding that their recommended intake of key vitamins is greater than what can be found in a common multi.

Their need for vitamins like zinc and vitamin D are far higher than what is available in most multis, and vitamins like K2 are usually nowhere to be found. In addition, nutritionists are now recommending active individuals supplement with Omega 3’s, and that they increase their intake of fruits and vegetables for their antioxidant benefits in addition to their vitamin and fiber content.

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