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    Primeval Labs Primavar, 60 Caps

    Multiple Pathways to Enhance Endurance, Strength and Muscle Growth*
    • Supports greater muscle gains*
    • Supports greater strength & stamina*
    • Supports improvements in free & total testosterone levels*
    • Clinically-backed results in as little as 14 days*

    Primavar contains a patented and clinically-backed next-generation muscle accelerator (RipFactor) that’s been shown to improve total work output, boost strength, and enhance lean muscle gains. Every serving of Primavar delivers a synergistic combination of two time-tested botanicals that work together to help you tap into the hidden gains that you’ve been striving for, yet never fully realized.*

    Delivering results in as little as 14 days RipFactor®, the primary ingredient in Primavar, is the ultimate natural solution to help build muscle strength, increase muscle size, and boost energy and endurance!*